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    Default HTC One X GPS bouncing all over the map

    I have a new HTC One X (actually I replaced it because of this problem but the replacement has the same problem) where the GPS location bounces all over the map even when I'm at rest. I installed the GPS Test apparently and it shows quite a few satellites in view with a fairly strong signal. Also my iPhone does not experience the same problem which seams to me to point to a possible software problem (Or cheap hardware) on the HTC.

    Is anyone out there also having the same problem?
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    Default Re: HTC One X GPS bouncing all over the map

    Had no issues using Map as well as GPS Test. But I did click Update AGPS option in GPS Test Settings before I even started using GPS, maybe this will do the trick for you?
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    I tried several of the map related apps that came with the phone as well as a tracking app and then proceeded to walk a set of streets going and returning along the same path and the path drawn was about as aradic as could be and wildly different going and returning. I had taken my first phone to HTC service ad they saw the track and replaced the phone. The new one has the same problem which leads me to suspect the OS software. The thing is that if I'm having the problem and if is the OS then others would be having the problem.

    Here are my phone specs:
    HTC One X

    Android 4.0.3
    HTC Sense 4.0
    Software number 1.28.707.10
    HTC SDK API level 4.12
    HTC Extension version. HTCExtension_403_1_GA_7
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    Default Re: HTC One X GPS bouncing all over the map

    I have the same issue, and a Google search reveals it's not just the two of us:

    I use Endomondo and the workout maps have errors in the tracking every time (the longer the route the more errors), and can load Maps and see my location changing when sitting at my desk in the office. I've also seen the thing jump all over an area when using Navigation, especially when stationary, which can cause confusion at busy junctions!

    I'm hoping this is just a software issue, or we may see a hideous appendage like Acer recently had to offer their customers...


    PS as an O2 UK customer, I've not seen any upgrades yet, so still on 1.26. Yay.
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    Default Re: HTC One X GPS bouncing all over the map

    I use JogTracker Pro, and the thing is dead on accurate. It even documents the 10 or 15 foot detours I take when distracted by shiny objects.

    Even indoors, it pretty much indicates exactly which room I am in.

    What precisely do you people mean by "jumping all over"?

    Are we talking about 10 feet here or there, or 10 States over then back again?

    Having the indicator wander 10 feet is perfectly normal.

    If you've ever been driving with your GPS (either your phone or a Garmin or Tom Tom) you will find that city canyons can cause a lot of signal bounce. Standing in an intersection seems to help this.

    Was driving to arizona last month, got near a big rig, and both my phone and my Garmin started dancing all over the US. I jumped from Nevada to South Dakota, then Texas. Got away from that 18 wheeler and everything was fine again. Turns out some independent truckers carry GPS jammers to that shipper can't monitor or track their routes. Its .
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    Even when standing still it wanders all over the place. Someone's it will race to over 2 blocks away and then turn around and race back or go off in another. I downloaded an app called GPS Status and Tools that has a tool to empty cache and download adajustment data. It also shows satellite locations and strength. Maybe it will help some of you but it didn't solve my problem. I also hope its HTC software related and they will fix it. I tried replacing the phone and that didn't work. That was at the HTC service center so they should have been aware of the condition but didn't say anything.
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    I had same prob on second hox took it back no such probs on this one so would take it back while you can mine was jumping to different roads while using navigation

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    Angry Re: HTC One X GPS bouncing all over the map

    Hi, have the same problem. google maps, ulyssed speedometer, they all jump drastic. Speed between 0 and 280, even when standing still, or laying in the window of my house. Allready changed my phone with a new one, same problem. With a samsung 9100 no problem, with a old htc tytan, no problem. Just this brand new HTC one X es up constantly.
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    Default Re: HTC One X GPS bouncing all over the map

    My HTC wildfire says im next door, on the next street over, when ive been in our studio apartment all damn day, boyfriend has trust issues and its really putting a strain our relationship.
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    Default Re: HTC One X GPS bouncing all over the map

    No GPS issues on mine, or the wife's HOX. Pleasant change after the Captivate fiasco where I had to buy a BT GPS unit to pair with it. I would take it back and exchange it again. GPS problems are almost never a software issue. There is no overlying shadow of GPS problems on this device (again, see Captivate), so you guys got the ones with the loose antennas Swap them out, or exchange them through Warranty replacement.
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    Default Re: HTC One X GPS bouncing all over the map

    Got GPS issues from day one! It frequently insists that I am in Korea or China even though I'm in Bahrain. I found out that if I turn off the Wifi on the phone, it becomes much better.
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    Default Re: HTC One X GPS bouncing all over the map

    For those Who have bouncing problem with HTC one x, n fond the fix. Iar a hardware problem, and un just have tot fix conectors from phone with antena. In a few days i will make a tutorial to show exactly what are the steps. Please give me credit for this
    This is the tutorial with fix for this problem
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    Default Re: HTC One X GPS bouncing all over the map

    Thanks gabrielvl,

    I'll see if HTC will fix this when I take my phone in to see if they will repair my wifi which now also has an antenna problem.

    HTC has a fix for the wifi antenna problem (see here:) that includes taking the phone apart and following the steps listed below (pictures available at above link):
    Paste a Polycarbonate (76H09059-00M) (according to the red line indicator show on the picture ) on the right-hand side of main board right next to USB rubber.
    Paste a different type of Polycarbonate (76H09060-00M) on the right-hand side of main board shielding.
    Paste one more different type of Polycarbonate (76H09061-00M) on the left-hand side of main board shielding .

    They don't do anything to the GPS antenna contacts.
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    Default Re: HTC One X GPS bouncing all over the map

    I have the same problem with my htc one x...

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