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06-13-2012 10:27 AM
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    Default Google play music

    Google play music is cool but does it use data when playing songs that are on ur phone?

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    Default Re: Google play music

    Not if the track or playlist is setup for "available offline". Then it always plays off of the phone instead of streaming.
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    Default Re: Google play music

    Upload (or buy) all your music to Google Music account.
    Pin (make available off line) all the stuff you want always on the phone, and the stuff you listen to rarely, you can leave unpinned if you want. Do this while on wifi and there will be no data charges.

    You can then dig around in Google Music, and see the progress of the downloading (settings / download queue). When it shows nothing queued, all your music is now on the phone.

    Additionally, anything you have listened to recently will be cached on your phone, and listening again will play the cache rather than downloading again.

    Of course, you can also sideload, but I've found that putting everything into Google Music is better, and if you sideload AND upload to GM, you end up with two copies showing in GM.
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    Default Re: Google play music

    Are there any other music apps that are good to use? I really dont like google play music.
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    Quote Originally Posted by babygirl0419 View Post
    Are there any other music apps that are good to use? I really dont like google play music.
    Your HOX probably came with one.
    Go look in the market and pay attention to the ratings.

    Amazon also has a player.

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    Default Re: Google play music

    Is google play music the only app that allows you to stream your music from your google cloud? Does anything allow you to listen to the music you have cached/pinned?

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