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    I don't think your phone would run like crap. There are multiple forums with people complaining about data issues. On xda forum, there are a tone of people complaining. I only occasionally have data issues with straight talk.

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    Default Re: HTC One X on Straight Talk

    Quote Originally Posted by icebike View Post
    Proxy errors have nothing to do with straight talk.
    I get them too occasionally, and I'm a regular AT&T customer. Don't get them all the time, just enough to be maddening.

    They have to do with the hand-off of tcp connections from wifi to cellular. Some times the phone tries to maintain its connection to the same web sites or services when it jumps to cellular. But with an ssl connection you can't just swap endpoints like that. Gmail, and web use SSL, as do several other things. Moving to an new IP (dropping wifi and opening 3G or LTE) amounts to total route change, which is SUPPOSED to fail to prevent man in the middle attacks.

    You can often pop to airplane mode for a second or five, then pop back on line to correct this. I've seen that fail as well, and had to use the RESTART option (hold down power till menu appears).

    Also try Settings / Wifi/ Menu dots / Advanced / Auto-Disconnect ON. It seems to help. I suspect the phone properly closes connections and moves more gracefully to another interface (different wifi or cellular) when this option is checked.

    I don't see any Auto-Disconnect ON, I have HOX AT&T version.
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    Not sure where you get your information. But straight talk uses the AT&T, Verizon, and Nextel/sprint networks. You can call straight talk and they will help you with the process.

    Quote Originally Posted by droidmyme View Post
    Straight Talk is on the T-Mobile network ... you need to visit their website to order a Straight Talk compatible SIM. They don't sell Straight Talk SIMs in stores, it's website only.
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    Hey, I was just wondering if you could tell me how things ended up with your international HTC One X and Straighttalk. I have a HOX and didn't realize the pre-paid sim from T-Mobile will not work with data on the HOX. I'd really like to know if you've had any issues, thanks!
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    heres the settings i have on my htc one x which was from at&t (unlocked) not rooted these work as of 10 10 2013.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: HTC One X on Straight Talk

    I bought a used like new ATT HTC One X pulled sim card from another HTC phone used cutter to make sim card fit but cannot get any service at all.... i did same thing w S3 and no issues works great.

    ive added both old and new apn settings but no service just X on signal meter. its reading sim card cuz it shows phone number in settings. ..i mess with this phone for hours last night any ideas on why? i put ESN in cecker it cant find it to tell me locked or not. it dont make calls texts or data ... nothing... does this new of phone need to be set up by phone w straight talk. my s3 was simple sim swap and apn update and go... please help.
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