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    Default " Funky OneX Keyboard"


    I am using a stock, unrooted OneX, on AT&T, with the Keyboard that came wiith it. I am getting some different function in Email and text. If I use Text, the "Predictive Text" works as should be,words are posted at the top of the keyboard. However If I use it in Email, the "Predictive Text" and spell correct seem not to work at all. I do not get the word in a Orange Box at the top of the keyboard as done in text.

    Any comments would be appreciated. I am aware of some very nice 3rd party Keyboards, like Swiftkey3, ThumbKeyboard, or Jelly Bean Keyboard, however, I would like to think that after spending this kind of money for a phone, the Keyboard should be fine, and not goofed up, like it appears to be.

    Thank you in advance!
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    In my experience, 3rd party keyboards are so much better. The Perfect Keyboard has many other options for customization. I will never go back to stock.

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    Default Re: " Funky OneX Keyboard"

    What you describe is not the way the satndard keyboard should function. I assume you are using the HTC email claint and if so in the settings for the keyboard, advanced, insure that spell correction and word completion are turned on.
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    Default Re: " Funky OneX Keyboard"

    I believe Ive done that already, because I got rid of the French and Spanish options. Shouldnt the Keyboards function the same in both Text and Pop-3 Email Client?

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