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    Default thoughts on one x+


    I definitely love the 1 x plus. However there are some things that I miss being an iPod user. The email interface has better features on the native iPhone or iPod. items that should appear as links in the email sometimes don't appear as links at all.

    when you delete a message you go back out to the email list instead of going to the next email. also the native email in iPod would form at the emails automatically while on the HTC you have to manipulate the email to have it look correct.

    email in the iPod would recognize the date if you clicked on the date it would take you directly to calendar so that you could enter it as an event.

    these features seem intuitive to have on a new operating system such as jelly bean, oh well.

    maps with Google is excellent. I can create a map from my desktop and save it via my Google account. Later I can open up layers on my phone through the mapping app and I can pull the map into my phone. great for when you have to visit more than 2 properties at a time. Ill visit up to 10 or 15 on a long day.

    also if anyone has a suggestion I can't get my I CaL to upload to my Google account and then I'll be asleep sync to my google calendar on my phone. It's supposed to be able to do that, however I see lots of others on the internet having the same problem.

    finally the text to speech is very good. I wrote most of this post using that just having to make minor edits by hand.
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    Default Re: thoughts on one x+

    I use k-9 mail, maybe trying a few apps will get you where you want to be with regards to that

    As far as the calender:

    that should help
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    Quote Originally Posted by piizzadude View Post
    I use k-9 mail, maybe trying a few apps will get you where you want to be with regards to that

    As far as the calender:

    thanks for your response. I found the same directions and got my calendars imported. Only problem was I had to do a times my wife has a different categories of calendars and I had to do a separate import and export for each 1. Maybe someday they'll be automatic updating that would be great. Thanks again.

    thanks for your advice. I have found the same directions and it does work. The only problem is my wife uses several different calendar types or calendar files depending on what she's answering she has categories for kids work and others I think there are 8. Therefore I had to do 8 imports and exports. Someday I'm hoping that I can get auto updating as if I was can iPod user. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.
    thanks for your reply. I have followed those same directions previously and it does work. The only problem is that my wife has several different different calendar types and I had to do an import for each 1 of those they were like 8 so I'm hoping for an automatic updating solution. I don't know if that will ever happen.
    that should help

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