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    Default "Secure Box" Problem

    I saved loads of messages that were also locked to my Secure Box, but they have ALL been deleted! Even the locked ones... I don't understand it....

    This is ridiculous - as this function is supposed to keep messages safe!!

    Any ideas people?? x
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    Default Re: "Secure Box" Problem

    I have the exact same problem!! Sometimes they are in the secure box, other times cant find them ANYWHERE on the phone. Also when they arent visible, if i receive a message from someone who i have a message saved a previous message in the secure box, it doesnt notify me at all about the new message. Seriously bad. Did you have any luck finding a resolution??? Or can anyone help???
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    Default Re: "Secure Box" Problem

    I am having the same problem, yesterday I saved a message into my "Secure box" and it totally dissapeared. Then the other day when I went into the "Secure Box" old messages popped up that I know I had deleted. This is definately not because I have too many messages saved as I delete them as I go and rarely put anything into the secure box. this is becoming pretty crazy.
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    Default Re: "Secure Box" Problem

    Same problem. Had messages in there. Deleted threads from my main box, then when I went back to secure box that thread had gone :-(

    Any suggestions ?
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    Default Re: "Secure Box" Problem


    I have the same problem. My SMS disappeared from my secure Box.
    Can anyone help me retrieving those SMS?

    Thanks a lot,
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    Default Re: "Secure Box" Problem

    Ive been having the same problem for months.
    HTC were clueless. Spoke to a number of support staff - most of them werent even aware of there being a Secure Box. The rest just said do a factory reset.
    V V V annoying!!
    Some special messages that I purposely placed in secure box to keep - SECURE!! All gone!
    BUT - if I go to "Search" within the "Secure Box" then search by name, there is snippets of the deleted messages, but when I tap to select them, nothing happens and it goes back to Secure Inbox. They are there somewhere...but phone cant find them

    Also, If I am looking at my normal INBOX, and I go to delete a few - it deletes loads that i havent asked to delete....however, when I compose a new message to one of the people whos original message got accidentally deleted....they appear back up!!

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    Default Re: "Secure Box" Problem

    V V V ANnoying!!
    Same thing happens to mine.
    HTC support were clueless too!
    Any suggestions most welcomed!
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    Default Re: "Secure Box" Problem

    I'm having the same problem. I'd like to get my messages back, they're very important! Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Default Re: "Secure Box" Problem

    Well that happened to me too, my secure box disappeared altogether. :/
    I had a third-party messaging app installed, Contacts+, and I don't know how but all those messages that were locked and in the secure box were visible when I opened the thread for the same person in the that app.
    So now I'm taking a screenshot of all the messages that I want to preserve and then will take a backup, and that's what I'll be doing form now onwards.
    Try installing Contacts+ and see if it works for you.
    I am using the HTC One S with Sense 4+ and Jelly Bean 4.1.1
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    Default Re: "Secure Box" Problem

    I had the same problem. I think it has something to do with using Facebook Messenger and/or Chat Heads for SMS messages. When I disable Facebook as my SMS tool the secure box works normally. I unfortunately couldn't recover the messages I lost before I made that setting change though.
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    Arrow Re: "Secure Box" Problem

    The first thing I would suggest is do a complete backup of all SMS (use an app), then copy the memory of your phone identically. Try a restore and then just re-copy the messages and see if that helps. Does it? Most likely an app that has access to SMS.

    I have not had this issue, but played around with custom SMS handlers and noted a few issues, nothing as far as deletion. In all of your above cases there needs to be a common link- bad software? Unlikely, thousands of people use this. What phone are you using, root/mods? But yes, I would use something to backup SMS on perhaps a daily routine. Perhaps find the directory of the SMS, and use Tasker/AutoMateIt to create a script to copy data from there elsewhere, and then upload etc.

    In the even that this has issues, use a third party SMS client for secure SMS. I do have a question however....anyone know how to default SMS from a contact to securebox?

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