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    You ever get two notifications. One for the voice mail and the second for the visual voice mail within seconds of each other then they merge and only the visual voice mail notification remains? If so how did you shut the original voice mail notifications off? I'm assuming the notifications setting under sound but what other notifications does that shut off.

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    Having the exact same issue. I tried turning off the notification in the VVM app but then if for some reason you dont hear the notification there is nithing to alert you that you have a VM. Either way its very annoying. The visual voicemail is the one and only thing that I prefered on the iphone, not sure why it is so difficult for the other companies to figure this out
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    Not sure but I don't have that issue bc I use Google voice. I have calls forward to my Google voice number if I hit ignore or don't pick up the phone making the caller goto voice mail. I then get an alert from my Google voice app and I can hear the voice mail via visual voice mail and it transcribes it so I can read it as well.. I have been using this method for my last 3 android phones and it works perfect,!!

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