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    Default One with Larger Screen Coming?

    Interesting nugget is that the device would have same dimensions and a larger screen to complete with the S4. WTF? Aren't they already competitors?

    Also, is it just me or does this read like a hit piece on HTC?
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    Default Re: One with Larger Screen Coming?

    I highly doubt it because htc would be going back on their word as they said the Htc One would be their only high end phone for 2013. I think it would be better if they just keep the One the only one lol.

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    Default Re: One with Larger Screen Coming?

    i'd like to see a One that keeps the 4.7" screen but goes to on-screen buttons. that would allow them to shorten the device by about 3/8" and allow for easier reach to the power button at the top
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    Default Re: One with Larger Screen Coming?

    Normally I agree with you but I'm not sure what you mean by a hit.
    If something like this is made then I have to guess that it will not be a 5" screen, but more like a 5.5" note like product. If so, I see no reason not to market a device to go up against the G pro and note2.

    But if this is just going to be a new butterfly, then htc is not acting in thier best interest and will be updating to allot of fans.

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    Default Re: One with Larger Screen Coming?

    Size of the screen is fine just the way it is for me.
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    Default Re: One with Larger Screen Coming?

    I like the size of the screen on the current HTC one. I just hope they add the ability to map the back button to menu.

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    Default Re: One with Larger Screen Coming?

    But it was rumored to have a snapdragon 400 CPU. Isn't the 600 better? Faster? I'd rather have the faster CPU!
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    Default Re: One with Larger Screen Coming?

    it's all speculation at this point but I wouldn't rule it out. But if they do, I think it won't be till 1st half of Q4 to be inline with the holidays.

    I read the specs will be that of the original ONE except with a larger screen...5.2 - 5.5. I guess though to keep it in the price range of the note 2/3, they might go with a slower proc like the snapdragon 400 to compete. It won't make that much of a difference unless your a heavy gamer.

    I wish they would have done this from the gitgo but they didn't so I'm completely happy with what I have!
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    Default Re: One with Larger Screen Coming?

    Why not? If you can't beat 'em...

    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is my favorite Super Phone (only upgraded because I have a problem, LOL) so I would love to hTc come out with a "Note 2" like One.

    Too bad they used the name One X already, it would've been perfect.
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    Default Re: One with Larger Screen Coming?

    Ehhh it's phonearena. They're pretty trashy, which becomes evident in news posts like these ones. They have a horrible track record with rumors, when they can even get the info right, which they didn't in this case. (Plus, their writers have some of the worst grammar and writing skills I've ever seen)

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    Default Re: One with Larger Screen Coming?

    Wouldn't make sense to do that.

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