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    Default First 12 hrs with my new htc one

    Well first off i've been holding off because i dont have an upgrade available on my account. Coming from the htc evo it just didnt seem to be enough of an upgrade to pay full price...

    First impressions:

    Screen is just top notch, i love the clarity. Crisp and clear indoors and out

    Forward facing speakers that sound amazing. While they do sound louder than previous phones its not really a big jump but the quality of the sound is impressive. The headphones on the other hand are crazy loud. So loud i cant use them on full volume. Much much louder than any other i've ever had with really good sound quality. Notification sounds are now loud enough for me to hear lol

    Call quality. Guess this also goes with sound. When on a call it just sounds great. Not as hollow as previous phones i've had. It was a nice surprise.

    Blinkfeed. I like it (shocker) Really didnt expect to. I use Adw.ex launcher so i just made a shortcut to blink like another member suggested in another thread.

    Camera. I still have to get out and get some shots to form an opinion here. Just the few i've snapped so far seem to be really good but i'll hold off my opinion here as of yet

    Build\material quality. So coming from my Evo lte i'm already a fan of the aluminum shell. Seems like Htc took this up a notch. I've read some of the complaints from others and paid close attention at Best Buy when purchasing The One. No pixel issues, gaps or raised speaker issues to really speak of. All and all i'm very happy with the quality of the phone.
    I've posted in several other threads about how well my evo has held up to falls. It was truly amazing how well it took a punch. No dents or scratches ever so regardless of the comparisons people offer about plastic vs aluminum i'll take aluminum any day

    TV remote. Really works well. I didnt see this as being a big feature but now that i have it i really like it. I see myself using it often. I like how you can add your shows too.

    Things i'm not totally liking so far is the 2 button layout. I wouldn't even care if it weren't for the menu bar at the bottom of many apps Not a deal breaker by any means though. The fact that the volume and home button's are flush will take a bit of getting use to. I do like them flush because it minimizes accidental presses but I have to get use to the location's so i can find them easily in the dark lol

    On a bit of a side note i do see improved 4g reception. 4g is just starting to pop up in the Detroit area and near my house and when using my evo and One side by side, the One picks up 4g reception more often. Same holds true against my daughters s3

    All and all i am breathing a sigh of relief. Seems the money was well spent on the One and i'm not regretting the choice at all. While there are many differences between the Htc One and the S4 i wouldnt really care to compare them. There both top notch with features that appeal to different people. I would offer the S4 an honorable mention as well. I looked at both phones closely while making my decision and well i'd just call it the other best phone lol At the end of the day it was the htc One that won my vote
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    Default Re: First 12 hrs with my new htc one

    Congrats on your new phone. I don't think you could go wrong with your choice. You should also be noticing so dramatically improved battery life after a couple of days usage.

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    Default Re: First 12 hrs with my new htc one

    Yea i kept my evo on ics so the battery was always good but can always be better lol.

    The only reservation i had was Sprint (my current provider). I've had them for 14 years and the service is just slow. Was considering a move to at@t and i guess i still am. I have 14 days to make up my mind.
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