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    Default Sudden Static Lines on Screen

    I unlocked my phone today to find that the screen had some very thin/fine rainbow colored vertical distortion lines on the screen. They seemed to have been pulsating (as if someone was holding another electromagnetic object close to it or something) and it looked like static distortion. I checked multiple screens and apps and they all resulted in the same discolored distortion lines.

    I had to completely power down my phone and turn it back on. After that, it was OK. First time I had this type of experience so far...

    Has anyone else experienced such a bizarre phenomenon? I've actually seen/read/heard other people having some weird issues with their screens as well seemingly at random. I'm hoping that we're not starting to see some sort of trend in screen issues now that we're roughly 2 months into the phone's lifecycle =/
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    Default Re: Sudden Static Lines on Screen

    My One had a horizontal green line in the Camera screen, seemed it was moving from one side to the other. I went to a Sprint store and exchanged my phone.

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