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    Question Browser default keeps reverting to the stock HTC Internet app

    Having a couple of odd issues on my HTC One; it's running stock OS, no root, etc.

    I'd installed Swype and the Chrome Browser; set the default keyboard to Swype and the default browser to Chrome. However, whenever I restart the phone, the defaults for both revert to the stock HTC keyboard and the stock "Internet" app.

    I found a thread about someone complaining about the keyboard issue, apparently it's due to a bug in 4.1? But a search about the stock browser becoming the default upon reboot here and on xda didn't net anything. Any thoughts re: what could be causing this and how to address?
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    Default Re: Browser default keeps reverting to the stock HTC Internet app

    No idea what could be causing that, but I just disable the stock browser altogether (Settings>Apps>All>Internet>Disable) and haven't had any problems. Maybe that could help?

    As for the keyboard problem, it's possible that disabling "HTC Input" could solve this but I'm not sure if that would have more widespread ramifications throughout the Sense ROM. My guess is that disabling wouldn't be an option in settings if it would have adverse consequences...

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