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    Default Tasker on One

    Anyone running Tasker on their One? I read a review that it throws it into safe mode, just wanted to see if it's a HTC thing before I bought it.

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    Default Re: Tasker on One

    I'm running it with no issues.
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    Default Re: Tasker on One

    Works fine for me.
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    Default Re: Tasker on One

    Works well for me also.
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    Default Re: Tasker on One

    Me to. No problems.
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    Default Re: Tasker on One

    Me too, no problems

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    Default Re: Tasker on One

    My brother has a One and he cannot get Tasker to function properly....he's thinking of switching to other app.
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    Default Re: Tasker on One

    Its running kind of funkily on my One. Any new profiles I create or edit take a long time to start working or for the changes to appear. For example, I had a profile that displayed a popup notification when I received an SMS. When I switched to Handcent I deleted that profile, but I still got the popups from Tasker for a few hours whenever Id get an SMS. It's not too terrible, but it makes testing out new profiles a huge pain.

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