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    I have set the lock screen to productivity and its showing my call notifications but not the sms. Is there anyway to have this set so it shows the SMS notification but doesn't include the preview of the message at all?

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    I'm going to take a bit of a guess here as I haven't actually tried this out completely but give it a go and see if it works.

    Go to settings, security and scroll down to "Message Notification Preview". Uncheck the box and it will not show the sender or message preview on the lock screen. I'm GUESSING that it might show that you have new messages and maybe the amount but without all the details. Let me know if it works.

    *edit* Obviously you need to turn on the SMS notifications in the lock screen settings first.
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    Hi this does not work unfortunately, it shows the calls i have selected but when the preview is unchecked i get no messages showing in the lock screen at all
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    Default Re: Productivity notification lock screen

    The setting to allow sms notification on your lock screen is in your HTC sms app.

    Go to messages app, find settings, under notifications you will see an option for notifications preview. Check that option.

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    Default Re: Productivity notification lock screen

    Thanks but this also shows a preview of the message itself? something that i don't really want

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