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    Angry HTC One Wifi connection timeout

    I recently purchased a HTC one (4 days ago) and already exchanged the phone once do to a defect in the wifi & now I'm about to change the phone again due to the same issue.

    The phone will connect to the internet via wifi, but only work for 5 minutes, then nothing. The phone shows that a wifi signal is still available & that it is connected, but if you try to surf the net or refesh emails/facebook/weather, nothing. A message then appears on the phone stating connection timeout and you have to turn wifi off, then on again, for another 5 mins connection.

    So far I've tried..................
    1.Different routers, at home/mobile broadband/work/friends - same issue.
    2. Contacting HTC and using 'safe mode' whilst they talked to me - same issue.
    3. Factory reset - same issue.
    4. New phone, changed at a recognised shop - same issue.

    Luckily enough I'm within my 7 day phone exchange with my phone provider, so the things going back & exchanging for a different brand...............any ideas?

    On a different note, my wife also got a new phone at the same time, HTC One Mini & this is working ideal.
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    Does seem a bit odd. Especially 2 in a row with the same issue...
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    Very odd.

    Even the tech department at HTC are baffled. The customer services department even suggested I try a different manufacture. That did make me smile, confidence with their product.

    My old phone (Motorola Atrix) works just fine, only issue being that it takes a full size SIM. Need to buy a convertor.
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    I have the same issue, worked for couple weeks, then the WifI issue occurred, together with GSM reception problems, when I lay the phone down => no reception. Had a chat session with HTC support, tried several procedures nothing, guess i need to go back to the store
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    I wonder if it was because you had power saver mode on? I was told when I bought my phone that in power saver mode your phone will automatically turn everything off when the screen goes dark and to get everything to work again you have to turn it back on...just a thought
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    It's in Wi-Fi settngs. I use the feature to save power. You can set it to never timeout.

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