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    Default Deleting files from Downloads folder

    I am trying to find a way to delete with a single tap all the pdf files, thumbnails and other files which end up in my Downloads folder. I have Cleanmaster, but this won't let you choose what to clean. I also have ES File Explorer which will let me access the folder and delete the files, but I'd rather have this process more automated. Any app that will do this? Maybe Tasker?

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    Default Re: Deleting files from Downloads folder

    While I use Tasker, let me rephrase that... While I used to enjoy using Tasker, before Google screwed with all of the permissions those sorry so and sos, I've never tried to use it to delete files. If you have it try it, you can also get a free trial of it if you download it from the web. Before you do I would check some of the profiles that have been created for one that might do what you're trying to do at Taskerwiki or the other one who's name slips my mind at the moment. You may also want to check out Astro File manager at the Google Play. It has several nice features one of which is a search by file type, and I think you can narrow it down to one file. It also has several other nice features you may like. It won't be the one button from your home screen answer you seem to be looking for but I think once you've had a chance to play with it you'll find it useful.
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    Default Re: Deleting files from Downloads folder

    I read that CCleaner may be coming out with an app. On a PC, you can choose which folders to clean. So far I haven't found any Android app that will let you choose what folders to clean. I will look into your suggestions though, thanks.
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    Default Re: Deleting files from Downloads folder

    Bro just download es file explorer you can see every single folder in your phone delete create move anything u want . I love it cause it acts like its an sd card so i dwnalod movies music and delete from the after .. i put my pics from computervin the folders from there simple

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    Default Re: Deleting files from Downloads folder

    While I have never had to quickly delete everything at once, I have a home screen icon for the download folder through Lidroid File. U could open it, click "select all", and "delete" pretty quick but probably not just like you want.

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    Default Re: Deleting files from Downloads folder

    Try History Eraser (free in Play Store). It will clean Play Store Search history, Stock Browser History, All Apps Caches, Clipboard, Chrome History, Downloads, Google Searches all with the touch of a button. On a separate tab it can clear your Call Logs and on the last tab it can clear all SMS/MMS messages (Call Log entries and/or MMS messages can be cleared individually as well).

    Having said that, it only cleans the "Downloads" directory but NOT the "Download" directory (I have both directories on my phone.)
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    Default Re: Deleting files from Downloads folder

    I did the below in my MOTO G

    Settings > Apps > All > Download manager > Clear data > OK

    By this method only downloads folder made empty, actual files still available in mobile gallery.
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    Default Re: Deleting files from Downloads folder

    Go into the Downloads folder to see the files.
    Lika any other Android item you want to delete, hold down on the file until it "jumps" and you see the "remove" trash can at the top of the screen. Drag the file up to the trashcan and, poof! it's gone!
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    Default Re: Deleting files from Downloads folder

    Thank you, new to Android and didn't realize it was that easy to delete something.
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