I have recently changed from a Desire S (Gingerbread 2.3.5) to a One (JB 4.2.2) and I have used the stock e-mail client on both to access two accounts. On the S all messages in the inbox (set to show all accounts) are colour coded with a bar to the left and the sender is in bold until the message is read and then becomes a normal font (with the coloured bar remaining). On the One the messages show with the coloured bar when unread but the bar disappears completely when the message is read and the sender remains in bold for both accounts whether the message is read or not. This makes it difficult to see at a glance which messages are from which account as they are not colour coded after reading. Also, unread and read messages are no longer differentiated by the sender being in a bold/normal font. Does anybody know whether this is the normal behaviour or whether there is any way of making the JB version look like the Gingerbread client? If this is an intentional change, it is certainly not an improvement on a previously very clear and intuitive display! I can not change to K-9 etc as one of my accounts is on Exchange.