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    Default Rooted HTC One Update

    Hi guys! This is my first post on here and let me start off by saying that I am not any expert when it comes to rooting phone. I have a T-Mobile HTC One running 4.1.2 rooted with TWRP Recovery. I rooted my phone a few months ago thinking I would do changes to it but i never got around to actually doing them.

    Recently I've been wanting to update my phone to a later version of Android but since I am rooted I cant do any OTA updates. How do I update my phone to 4.3 or 4.4? I don't care about keeping my root, I just want it to be updated. So, can you guys tell me how i can update my phone? I don't want to lose any data on my phone.

    Otherwise, should I make my HTC One into a Google Play Edition? What would be a better solution?

    Thank you guys, any help will be appreciated(;
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    In order not to lose your data you will need to first use HTC Sync or app called Helium to make a backup of your important stuff. Then this can be restored after you update.

    Updating... 2 routes..

    1. Use the RUU package to update to 4.3

    2. Find a 4.3 based stockish ROM to flash and then restore your information. In this case I would use Titanium Backup to save your apps/data.
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    Default Re: Rooted HTC One Update

    I just did mine a few days ago. I was rooted and had installed custom ROMs. I didn't see any advantages in them. I used these two links to accomplish going back to stock.

    good luck

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