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    Question Custom icons help

    Tried to figure this out for a few hours, thought I'd ask...

    I'm trying to setup custom icons. Someone in the home screen thread told what they did and I'm stuck.
    They used nova launcher and something called jellybean hd adw icon pack.
    1- I don't even see how to change an icon? I loaded nova launcher, I see there is also a pay one called nova prime, is it only an option with prime?
    2- do you have to download each individual icon and change them or is there some app that changes them all to some new theme/group automatically?
    3- I cannot find jellybean hd adw icon pack anywhere on the App Store. Found another that has individual icons (tons of them) if I download one, it says it put it in a folder on my sd card but I can't figure out how to find them. They don't show up in my photo galleries?

    Argh, help!
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    Default Re: Custom icons help

    In Nova launcher open your application drawer and hit the three dot menu on the top right. Go into look and feel (believe that's what it's called) and then select theme. If you've downloaded a icon theme from the market it should be in there. Just select and back out and all icon should be changed.
    You can also select specific icon to change on the home screen by long pressing on them and then hitting the icon picture from the menu. Then browse icon and select one.

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    Default Re: Custom icons help

    Ahh ok I see thanks!

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