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    Default Help with Google Calendar and camera?

    I've had an HTC One for several months, and very recently started having problems with Google Calendar (only on my phone, not my computer) and the camera.
    The problem with G Calendar is that as of maybe two weeks ago I can only use day and week views (no month or agenda) and I can no longer add events. Also, every time I open Calendar, it goes straight to December 2nd, no matter what day I was last looking at.
    The problem with my camera is that whenever I open the camera, the first thing the camera views stays frozen on the screen. So for example, if I open the camera and have my phone pointed at the door, I see the door on the screen, but if I move my phone to view the window, I can still only see the door on my screen. My phone will still take a picture of the window if I tap the shutter button though.
    I don't really have any reason to believe those two problems are related, but they started happening around the same time. I hadn't installed any new apps or anything, but some may have been updated on that day, I'm not sure.
    Anyone have ideas about how I can fix these problems?
    Thank you!
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    Default Re: Help with Google Calendar and camera?

    Have you tried doing a factory reset? It's the only thing that occurs to me right now. It could help if anything else you try doesn't.
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    Default Re: Help with Google Calendar and camera?

    try signing out completely and back in of your google account on your phone (not just unchecking the google calendar account on your calendar app). if it is a sync issue this will solve it.

    my phone contacts once went bezerk creating weird links with each other and not syncing with google and this solved it for me.

    but your issue does seem a bit more serious and a factory reset might be in order.

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