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    Angry HTC One - Blank maps in Facebook app


    I have an AT&T HTC One and whenever I am using the Facebook or Messenger app, the map tiles only load on WiFi. This happens when I see a check-in on my news feed, or page for a specific location or when I tap an individual message in Messenger when the sender has location turned on.

    The weird thing is that it only happens over cellular (yes I have sufficient coverage). If I'm on WiFi the maps load just fine. It also only happens on Facebook apps. Any other app with map thumbnails works fine.

    I have the latest update (4.3) and this has been going on since 4.1, even after a factory reset or clearing the Facebook app data.

    I have included some screenshots below.

    HTC One - Blank maps in Facebook app-screenshot_2013-12-16-12-17-13.jpg

    HTC One - Blank maps in Facebook app-screenshot_2013-12-16-12-17-40.jpg

    Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I know a few other people with Ones and some experience it and some don't. It's been driving me crazy for months.
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    Default Re: HTC One - Blank maps in Facebook app

    I am on Sprint. Although I haven't seen this exact problem I do have problems with the FB app when I am not on wifi. If I try to check in somewhere I can usually select the location and write a comment. But no amount of pressing the POST icon will send the info. It's acting as if the POST icon (or button) is just dead. Won't blink when pushed. Just won't respond. I have seen this at several different locations and only when wifi is turned off. I am thinking a glitch with the FB app.

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