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    Default 3-way calling feature is buggy

    Overall , HTC ONE is good. But I did see a couple of issues--
    (1)3-way calling feature is not stable. Sometimes, I heard 1 3rd call coming in, but there was no "button" to switch. Sometimes, there is a "3-way" interface shown.
    (2) When I tried use calling card, it is a pain again-- the save phone# with "Pause" or "Wait" between #s, sometimes does not work.
    (3) Bluetooth-- it will not automatically switch from my ear bluetooth tocar bluetooth when i turned off my ear bluetooth. Even my antique Moto Barrage could do this! I have to turnoff car and turn on again to re-link to my HTC one.
    Hope HTC can update software to fix these issues.

    HTC One camera is awesome! Esp for indoor low light, it is beautiful!
    HTC Sense is great, I love it!
    Overall, it is a great phone, way way better than Samsung S4 which I discovered bugs everyday in one week!

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    Default Re: 3-way calling feature is buggy

    I agree about the 3 way calling.

    Furthermore, Im not sure why android/htc/whoever... handles switching calls.

    When someone beeps in while you are on the phone, if you click over to the new caller, and then back to your original call- the ended call still shows on your screen. If I'm not mistaken it still counts time... Even though that person has hung up... Sort of makes me second guess whether I switched over or am on a 3 way call.

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