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    Default Jeep Grand Cherokee Bluetooth Ring Volume

    I just made the jump from an iPhone to the Droid (htc One), and the first thing I noticed is that when my phone is Bluetooth paired in my car, the ringer volume through the vehicle is ear piercing. I did not have this issue with the iPhone, and there does not seem to be a vehicle setting for me to control this volume. A second difference is that the ringtone on my htc plays off of the phone, but a traditional ring tone is played through the vehicle audio, and this is what is extremely loud. Anybody else experience this ... if yes ... proposed solutions??? Thanks.
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    Default Re: Jeep Grand Cherokee Bluetooth Ring Volume

    Does your Jeep have a menu setting for the alert/ring volume? My '13 Altima does.

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    Default Re: Jeep Grand Cherokee Bluetooth Ring Volume

    I used to have a Grand Cherokee. The bluetooth system was quite nice. Here is the uconnect site for you.

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