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    Default HTC One Dual Sim SD Card Problem

    Hi All,
    I have purchased a HTC One Dual Sim phone. I have added a 32GB Sandisk Class 4 SD card in the slot provided.
    I have transferred mp3s and pics from my laptop to the sdcard using cable. after disconnecting the mobile from laptop, when I try to see the transferred contents for the first time, it is there, but let say after1 hour when I try to see these contents again, them seem to disappear. Not only the contents but the folder too.

    Please suggest, what I am supposed to do.

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    Default Re: HTC One Dual Sim SD Card Problem

    Additional Info:
    I transferred some pics into the Internal Storage of the phone from laptop. It consisted of Folder A inside which was Folder B and Folder C.
    After an hour I copied the folders B and C from Internal Memory to SD Card in a newly created folder D.
    I am using ES File Explorer. HTC One Dual Sim does not come with file explorer, I suppose. Creation of folder D and copying B and C from A to D was done via this app.
    After copying, I reviewed the folder D and contents of B and C inside it. After some time I decided to check again [2 hours]. The contents of Internal memory are intact, but the contents of SD Card has again dispappeared. Surprisingly the folder D remains, though it is empty. No traces of the copies of B and C.

    Please help. My investigation is still on and will update my new findings.

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