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    Default HTC One - Disabling Mic1 mic/remote with Skullcandy Cassette headphones

    I suspect my question/problem is rather specific but I am convinced there should be a software option buried deep inside Android to fix this problem somewhere. I have been looking for a solution for literally months.

    My phone is a Telus branded HTC One S. I have a pair of Skullcandy Cassette headphones with a remote/mic (mic1 protocol) on the line.
    I like these particular headphones because I take the speakers off the band and install them in my sports helmets and am still able to hear what's going on around me as opposed to earbuds which block everything.

    The problem with them is in the mic/remote; I constantly end up pushing the button accidentally causing me to make phone calls, stop the music, voice search, change tracks, etc. All things that I don't want happening to distract me while I'm rocketing down the side of a mountain on a snowboard or a mountain bike. I am very much the type of person to set up some music in a playlist in advance and just leave it without further input.

    Is there an option somewhere in the OS, or a piece of software that can take control of the remote functionality to just completely disable the remote and microphone? Can I somehow trick the phone into thinking I have plain headphones instead of a microphone on the line, without cutting and soldering?

    Thanks in advance for the help!
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    Default Re: Disabling Mic1 mic/remote with Skullcandy Cassette headphones

    FYI, you posted in the HTC One section.
    You have a HTC One S. Completely different device.
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