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    Default Why are my icons vanishing??

    Craziest thing....every once in a while I will look at my screen and there will be a vacant icon spot where I know there was an icon prior.

    I guess its possible I am unwittingly swiping them away to be removed but really not likely.

    Is this happening to anyone else?
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    Default Re: Why are my icons vanishing??

    Sometimes, an app's icon will disappear from the homescreen after an update (typically a major update).
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    Default Re: Why are my icons vanishing??

    I've had mine jump from one screen to the other. Kinda weird but only happens a couple times.

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    Default Re: Why are my icons vanishing??

    I found this on a launcher like Nova, but never on stock. If you have a launcher installed like Nova then you can lock the homescreens so you'll never swipe away an icon again.
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    Default Re: Why are my icons vanishing??

    With Nova Prime I have had it get rid of some widgets without an update Strange but I have not seen it in months.
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