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    Default HTC One battery

    Well I know of the HTC One battery issue but I have just had the weirdest issue. I have just charged my phone until it was 100%.unplugged it and opened an app. 3-4 seconds later my battery is 83%.

    I already use gsm battery monitor and carat but these are reporting good battery life

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    Reading over the descriptions of both of those apps I'd say you're probably correct in that it is not either of them that is causing your rapid battery drain. It sounds like that GSM should have been able to point you to the cause.? Anyway, something else that occurred to me was that perhaps your battery wasn't fully charged. Yes it said 100% but if it had just attained 100% it may have actually been in the upper 90's, needing a bit more time to completely charge. Having said that I still couldn't imagine a few seconds or even minutes of use dropping the battery 17%, even if there were updates happening in the background or some rouge app running. Do you recall what your usage was like for the rest of that charge and have you noticed it again? The only two things I could think to try would be to restart the phone after charging or bump charging. I've seen reports of battery performance improving after a reboot, and it takes less then a minute to complete. If you're like me you probably rarely power your device off. As for bump charging it should work for this device the same as for older devices, but all it will do is ensure you are starting from the fullest charge possible.
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    Default Re: HTC One battery

    GSAM Battery monitor does not even see the phone on charge. It says last charge was the 34 hours ago but I have had my phone on charge over night. I have just unplugged it and the same issue happened again. Was on 100% but unplugged and now on 80%

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    its entirely possible your battery simply needs to be calibrated.
    Let it run completely down to where it shuts the phone off for you.
    Then plug it in while keeping it off.. Allow it to fully charge.
    Then turn on the phone, make sure to keep the phone plugged in the whole time, even after full charge turn it on and keep it plugged in.. It should go back to red for a short time and top off at 100%.
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