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    Default HTC One: Certain headphones won't work anymore

    I've only had the htc one for exactly 3 weeks and one day, and the stock earbuds doesn't work anymore with the htc one. I can get them to work temporarily if I have the jack at a certain angle, pull them out a very tiny bit and immediately push it back in all the way it will work for a few seconds, but then gets really soft and distorted,however every other set of headphones dont have this problem. One would think that its the earbuds are faulty, BUT I tried the earbuds with my computer and it works flawlessly, so it cant be the earbuds that's causing the issues. I've already tried cleaning out the headphone jack, (I shined a small light into the jack and there was nothing there other than shiney metal.) I've obviously tried restarting the phone, looking wherever i can in the settings. I've tried pressing the mic button thing (whatever its called). no luck. I needs help-age.
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    Welcome to Android Central! What did you try cleaning the jack out with? Even if you don't see anything with a flashlight, it's still worth swabbing around with a damp toothpick or a small Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol (just make sure the Q-tip doesn't fray easily, and that it isn't totally soaked with alcohol). Or you could try a can of compressed air to blow out the jack. If that doesn't work, then talk to the place you got the phone from and ask for a replacement. If you're beyond the replacement period, then you probably have to talk to HTC about warranty repair or replacement.
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    My headphone jack died a couple months ago. They replaced it under warranty. You may just have a bad jack.
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