Hello everyone, thanks for looking even though this issue has been posted many times without reliable resolutions. I have stalked the internet trying to find a fix for the dreaded 'Unable to Contact the Location Service to Update Your Current Location' issue. I have tried all 'fixes' and suggestions I found without positive results. I am posting this issue again because the most recent posts and discussions I have found were 8 months ago. Let's get to it...

On my NotRooted HTC One home screen I have the Weather and Clock Widget. It wont update. It either reads Current Location or My Location, it never reads my City, State.

Interesting App Findings
I installed AutoStarts. Launch > Group by application > Auto-sync Changed. There I have 4 instances of WeatherClockWidgetAgent listed with strikes through them. Another- Group by application > Location providers changed. The same as Sync, 4 instances with strike throughs. There may be more, I only searched for Change and Location headings. All other apps that use location services function fine.

I have tried all suggestions from other threads including reset locations services and cleared all weather related data and cache in specific sequences as outlined, disabled fast boot, turned off and on GPS app specific apps, have scheduled sync checked, auto detect my location checked and unchecked. I found somewhere a post that had a response from HTC concerning this issue and HTC provided steps to reboot into the bootloader and clear system cache. I did that, too. The only thing I have not done is a full system reset, which I would rather not do, especially since I have read mixed results as outcomes. I emailed HTC twice on the 25th without response.

So, I lay my phone at your feet, with Grande Wishes that you lift the magical item into the Clouds and bestow upon me- Where I am At.