Hey guys, first post. And I came here to make this known.

I booted up my phone yesterday and it had the background (on the log screen) set to default, the time and date set to default. When I swiped the lock up to unlock the phone, it started showing me a screen that said

'Enter password to decrypt the data. 30 Tries remaining before data is deleted'

The funny things were
  • I have never put an encryption on my phone
  • No matter what I typed in, the counter didn't go down from 30

I chatted with HTC Support and they made me restart my phone, reboot to safe (which it didn't do) and finally she told me to do a factory reset after which I was able to get the thing working. Though, of course, I lost all data and stuff on it. Real pain in the neck.

I thought to post it here because when I was looking for solutions online, I couldn't find a single thread for this.