I know there's a lot of reported wifi bugs, but I didn't see any related to the problem I'm having. I'm having the same issue as reported in this thread:

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I've had my HTC One for a couple months now and anytime I turn off the WIFI it forgets my home WIFI's password as soon as I restart it. I don't like leaving WIFI on when I'm at work, but it's a pain having to re-enter it when I get home. I was hoping the latest KitKat update would resolve this, but it's still doing the same thing.

I found another thread where someone mentioned their only solution was to do a factory reset, and I'm hoping there is something else I can try first before going down that route. If that is the best solution though, what are some tips for doing a factory reset? What are some good backup apps?
For whatever reason, it seems my phone somehow lost all wifi login info and as well as the ability to save new ones. It's a stock Verizon HTC one, bought back in Oct. It worked fine for a few months, but earlier this year started acting up. I was hoping the KitKat update would fix it, but it didn't. I've since wiped my phone, reset the router, tried different SSIDs and passwords; nothing works. Leaving the house, turning off Wifi, hell, it even disconnects when I'm sleeping for no good reason, and forgets the password. Anyone else having similar problems? Any solutions other than sending it in somewhere?