My Verizon Rhyme (ADR6330VW) says that internal memory is low, so I follow the procedure to erase temp files and move some apps to my SD card, which is 32gb. It now says that my SD card is full, which is false, there is still 26gb available space. I followed some steps to reformat the sd card to FAT32, move files back to the card, and now my phone doesn't recognize that I have an SD card at all. I installed Link2SD and am still unable to do anything with the space from the sd, because the program says that I have to root. I'm not a total dummy, I worked in a used phone store, but this was over 3 years ago and a lot has changed. Please help! My sd card is FAT32 formatted, I use a MacBook and would like to be able to transfer files to and from my phone without removing the SD card (and have my phone cease to remind me internal memory is low.)

Thanks a bunch,