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    Default Disappearing Keyboard

    I've noticed a minor glitch that isn't too big of a deal, but it can get a little annoying sometimes. I noticed that sometimes when I'm texting, the keyboard will just disappear on it's own - mostly it's when I hit the space bar between words, it'll hide the keyboard and I'll have to re-hit the input area to bring it back up. Usually I'm typing so fast that by the time I realize the keyboard is hidden I've already tapped the screen a few times and tapped a message, clicked on "lock message" or some other random message option. I know I'm not accidentally hitting the "hide keyboard" button on the far left corner because I always hit the space bar with my right thumb, and that's a bit too off location to hit that corner with my right thumb instead of the space bar. Has anyone else noticed this glitch? It doesn't happen all the time.
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    That's one of the reasons why I use the Swiftkey X keyboard. I highly recommend it for both your Vivid and any tablet you may have. I use the tablet version on my Transformer Prime.
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    Default Re: Disappearing Keyboard

    Thanks for the recommendation, I just downloaded the trial so I'll give it a try before deciding to buy it.
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