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    Default The Infamous White Screen


    I'm new here - very new in fact and I am quite..stuck. This is my first android, first smart phone in fact - so everything is quite new. I admit that I am a noob. Pride has no place here at the moment. I just want my phone back..

    In any case, my phone was acting rather sluggish today so I decided to restart it (the normal way) and when it came back on - it froze on the white HTC screen and refused to move past that. I have been reading around on this forum, other forums, google, and so on to find answers and help, but I'm quite lost in all the jumble. I have made it to the bootup screen and I have tried to do a recovery, which failed. I am hesitant to do much else because I am afraid I will royally screw this up. If so, I will be without a phone for a very, very long time. :/

    Anyway, on the screen this is what I see:

    *** Security Warning ***
    Mar 1 2012, 17:09:49


    <VOL UP> to previous item
    <VOL DOWN> to next item
    <POWER> to select item


    I also admit that I haven't done a factory reset yet. As I said, this is a new phone and I haven't backed my photos up yet and would hate to lose them. Although, I understand if there is no other way.

    Thank you advance (though more will come) for any help that anyone can offer.
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    Default Re: The Infamous White Screen

    ....and this was quick. Managed to fix it (yay!) but lost all of my settings. Pictures are still there (BACKING UP NOW) but all of my contacts are gone. Oh well. Such as life, yeah?

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