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    So i need help. My camera is not working, i click on it and it says "cannot connect to camera" i tried rebooting my phone, i even reset it and it is still not working
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    Welcome to Android Central! Check to see if the Camera app somehow got Disabled. Go to Settings>Apps, and look for Camera. If it was Disabled, it will either be in a separate "Disabled" column next to the "All" column, or it will be at the very bottom of the "All" column. If it was Disabled at some point, just select it and tap Enable.

    Otherwise, it might be a hardware issue. When you say you reset the phone, do you mean a full factory data reset, the type that wipes your phone clean?
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    Yeah i tried that, and yes a factory data reset. The camera will work every now and then but the majority of the time it does not. When i try and take a picture the back of my phone where the.camera is heats uo pretty bad
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    Default Re: MyTouch Q

    That's an unusual symptom. Sounds like a hardware problem. Might be time to upgrade your phone! Or at least, repair this one.

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