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    Default Um, where's the news people?

    I mean, THE NEWS!!!!!!

    I heard on TWiT this weekend that Ingress is opening for everyone sometime this week. You don't need a special invite.

    Can you really trust an Android blog that doesn't have this news stuck as the main article all week? And not even a mention in the forum?

    I saw an Ingress on Google Play yesterday, but was afraid to install it, since I didn't catch the actual date.
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    Default Re: Um, where's the news people?

    Ummm... it WAS on this blog, because it was weeks ago. Ingress has been open for over a month now!
    Ingress no longer requires an invite | Android Central
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    Default Re: Um, where's the news people?

    toddjy Ingress opened up last month this month it loses the beta tag. As for news on the game opening up, I think even the New York Times ran articles. Sorry if you missed it as it wasn't announced so much as a mass "holy crap!" Of sorts.

    On a side note I'm n33k5 part of the OKC area subversive enlightened. Formerly of the cross faction psuedo 3rd faction in the area. Welcome to Ingress. Go green.

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    Sent from my CR-48. ;P

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