My home town has one single portal. Even though it has 50k people.

I was trying to think of things that would make good portals.

One is Veteran's Park. There is a helicopter dedicated to Vietnam veterans. A second is the Veteran's building and it's yard of dedications, including a tank. Maybe Google doesn't feel war machines send the right message?

There are two other parks, one has the pool, city golf course, playground. There really aren't much in the way of statues. It has a pond, but is this something Google would accept?

The third park has a playground, tennis court, baseball fields. Not sure there's anything here that meets their standards.

They tore down the water tower years ago. But there is two museums and a junior college. Not sure what's at the college.

In the city I live and work in, there's a giant coffee can. It's on the top of a two or three story building. I believe it's on the list of historic places. Is this likely to have been rejected because it's not ground level? I don't think there's much of an open space near the building. Just sidewalk and street.

Well thanks for any input.