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    Default Hello Everyone! New to AndroidCentral.

    Hello Everyone,

    Just checking in to AndroidCentral for the first time. I have had an Android Phone since Day 1 of the Motorola Droid; been hooked ever since.

    My most recent purchase was the Motorola Xoom Wifi. Can't get enough of it and I am always looking for tips and great apps.

    My main reason for joining is to find out some more info about my Thunderbolt like rooting it and other possible tips. I would also like some information on whether or not it would beneficial to root my Xoom.

    I am always here to attempt to help someone out, and I am sort of an app junkie. I am sure that you all will see many posts about apps that I have found or customization's that I have made to the TBolt and the Xoom.

    Good to be here, and if I can help let me know. Thanks.
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    Default Re: Hello Everyone! New to AndroidCentral.

    Welcome to the forum. This is an awesome site with loads of information. I had the Droid when it first came out too. I loved it.

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