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    Default Self intro -- Hi, I'm Mark, and I'm a technoholic

    Good to be here... or anywhere.

    Last week I pre-ordered the Nexus 7 which helped me to decide to sell my hp touchpad(32GB).
    I'm sending it back to hp for a bezel replacement. Once it's back I'll reinstall Cmod 9 and put it up for sale, good as new. In fact, I'm hoping it will be better than new with a better part than the original piece that cracked..

    Is there an ftp client for my N7 so I can transfer files to/from my PC and NAS? If I can't and there is only Google Play then I will question this purchase.

    So, that's my intro.
    Thanks for reading.
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    Default Re: Self intro -- Hi, I'm Mark, and I'm a technoholic

    Hi Mark!

    What OS are you running on your desktop? Android is very FTP friendly; Windows doesn't think we need it. Typically, the Android device has different apps, depending on if you are setting it up as a client or server, but there are several that will do the task. I find it just as easy to use a desktop file manager with both the Android device and the NAS mounted, too.

    Ghost Commander and the SMB plugin for Android have met all my needs on this front; it's also a great file manager, especially if you are rooted.
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