Looooong time berry user. Reluctantly gave up my Bold 9930 yesterday for a VZW Galaxy S3. Hoping I get the jist of things quickly as I hear the grass is much greener over here. Will be looking for lots of help to get up and running and moving things over from my 9930 onto this phone. I hate change but I think this needed to happen so I am forcing myself to do this, same with my wife. Bummer I cant get my notepad notes to transfer onto this from my berry. And I need to find a bbm type app of course, ha! Any recommendations? Am having a hard time setting up sound profiles but I am sure I will figure it out soon. Also I hear there is an app to do push notifications for email? I will be on the hunt for that asap! I want to get this phone optimized as best I can so I conserve data usage, and maximize battery life. Anyhow, looking forward to things to come and thanks in advance for all the help I know I will be able to get here!