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    Question Coutry information mismatch error using Samsung Apps store

    My Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 was bought in Portugal but I prefer to use it in English. When I tried to download an app from the Samsung Apps store, I got an error with the following text:

    The coutry information for your Sumsung account does not match the country information for the Samsung Apps store.
    - Samsung Apps country: GPF
    - Samsung account country: Portugal (my account username is an @yahoo.co.uk adress but somewhere on registration I chose Portugal as my country)
    To continue using Samsung Apps, sign in to a Samsung account with the same coutry information as the Samsung Apps store.
    End Quote

    1- I don't know what country code is GPF and less I know why my Samsung Apps store is from wherever that is. Does anybody know what GPF stands for?
    2- Can't I simply choose a Samsung Apps store from Portugal, just as we do with Kies on the PC ?
    3- Is there a way around this? Where is the information about the country on the phone? Can I change it?

    I'm currently using it from an Angolan IP adress, but I expect that this to be irrelevant.

    Thank you
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    Default Re: Coutry information mismatch error using Samsung Apps store

    i tried signing in to app store and its not allowing me its saying the country information for your account does not match the country information for samsung apps store

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