For introductions,

I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S, and have developed a small java app to run on it (monitors the web site).

I am looking forward to getting a Galaxy Note 2. (I'd like to get the 64 GB version).

I'm also the founder of.

  • is a wiki system that solves all the problems of Wikipedia so works with controversial information like moral or theoretical scientific information.
  • The ability to create 'camps' solves the edit wars.
  • It is a consensus building system. This is enabled by the fact that camps are hierarchical ( you can push lessor important disagreeable issues to sub camps.) This allows the most important issues to rise to the top where everyone can agree without compromising any position.
  • Provides a rigorous measure of quality, by providing a measure of expert consensus of each camp. And you can choose who the experts are by selecting the 'canonizer' algorithm on the side bar.
  • Unlike all other petitions and surveys, the statements and questions can improve (as long as no camp supporters object to any proposed changes to any camp.) If anyone does object, you just create a new sub camp with the disagreeable info. Or you can fork the entire camp, taking everyone that agrees with you, abandoning any loner people that are holding back progress, leaving them with little or no consensus support for their camp. (highly motivational to find some way to agree with consensus.)
  • The bottom line is, enables huge crowds to communicate concisely and quantitatively, which amplifies the moral wisdom of everyone.