Hello everyone/hola a todos/Hallo an alle,

Evolved with Android OS for the past 3 years. I design mobile solutions and this is the most evolved OS I've noticed for a while. Yes, it has its own rack of issues, who doesn't?
I'd aid to resolve consumer experience across all Android users.

Currently helping "All Manga Mobile" through its re-design phase and make it "HOLO" theme ready. Am just sick and tired of companies and fans ranting about what's not good.
The time is prime to make some kicka$$ tablet focused applications

Devices that I own : #Nexus7 #transformerprime (yes with keyboard dock, which has almost replaced my laptop) and the #Nexuss4g
Wife converted from the iOS ecosystem after falling in love with ICS.

I barter my mobile design skill services too (no this is not a sales pitch ) but if you need help in creating your app/solution into a good one, buzz me around!
Looking for some insightful conversations