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    Default Not yet a Droid user but looking

    I've already been posting here a bit and reading a lot trying to learn something about the Droid devices. I"m a Windows Phone user for now, have been since my first smartphone and was a Windows PDA user for many years before that. Right now, it's the Note 2 that's really got my interest. I just haven't made the jump yet. Thanks all for the the info so far. Other than that, a little about me. Ordinary, average guy. 1 wife, 1 son, 1 dog.
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    Default Re: Not yet a Droid user but looking

    Welcome to android central forums,the best android forums on the internet

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    Default Re: Not yet a Droid user but looking

    Welcome to AC!!

    Note 2 is currently in the lead for being my next phone. We'll see what's out when I need one though.
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    Default Re: Not yet a Droid user but looking

    Welp. Made the jump Thursday and am now officially a Droid Note 2 user.

    I gotta lot to learn now.
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    Default Re: Not yet a Droid user but looking

    Hi John, Welcome to the forum.
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    Default Re: Not yet a Droid user but looking

    Glad to have you join us here @ Android Central.

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