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    Default Another new guy

    I am Bill from Denver, PA. I use to be a Apple guy, till I got tired of Apple being Apple. Now I love Android. My first Android was a Chinese made cheap 10.1 tablet. It is ok. But has its issues. Got tired of it and got a refurbished Asus Transformer TF101. It has been great for over a year of 12-14 hours a day use. Sometimes more. Sometimes less. I am disabled so I spend a lot of time on it. I just started having a issue which I posted about in the Asus section. At about a year ago or so, I still had a iPod Touch. I waited for a releas of two newer generations of what I had. I was not thrilled with the release, so I looked for a Android replacement. I ended up getting a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Player 5, and saved a ton of money over the touch. Got a bigger screen that looks great. I really like it. I gave my ipod to my son so he has that to use. There is one game I had on my ipod that is not available for Android and I do miss it. I sometimes borrow my sons ipod to play it. It isn't as popular as I wish it was. Even on this great forum, there is no place for us media player users. At least I haven't found it. It is either for phones or tablets. Well that is my story as to how I got to be a Android fan. Just last night my brother inlaw, who was a droid guy who went Apple , told me about a major issue with Apple, I just smiled.


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    Welcome to AC. Enjoy the forums

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    Welcome to the wonderful world of personal customization bill!, now to help you out with your media player problem of yours I recommend two players the first free is MXPlayer the second $2, Zplayer both are very good z player seems less buggy I'm my opinion both are in the play store


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    Thanks all. I appreciate it.

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