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    Default Galaxy S2 Newbie: sd pics help?

    Hi! I recently transitioned from Motorola Droid 2 to the Samsung Galaxy S2. I thought that i had successfully been saving my pics through google or gmail, but i can't find them.

    Is there some way for me to pull the images from my old sd card? The Galaxy's gallery recognizes that they Exist on the card, but the images don't come up.

    I hope I didn't botch that description up too badly! Any help greatly appreciated, thanks a bunch!
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    Default Re: Galaxy S2 Newbie: sd pics help?

    So, the images' thumbnails show up but when you click on them, the image is 'broken'? Or do you mean that your pictures are not stored in your Google+ account?
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    Default Re: Galaxy S2 Newbie: sd pics help?

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