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    Default Hello Android!

    Hey fellow users.
    This is my first android device. And it is a fresh experience after 4 years of symbian and 3 years of bada usage. I am enjoying every moment with android. And a great thanks to androidcentral's team too for their fantastic efforts.

    I just had an issue with my phone that there is no music player access in the lockscreen like most of the devices. So can you guys suggest any light weight app or widget for me ? It would be of great help
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    Default Re: Hello Android!

    Welcome to the forums.
    PowerAmp is a good player with a built in widget, but it is a paid only app. Not too bad though only $4 or $5.

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    I had same problem, always scrabbling about to turn music off.

    I now use widget locker, which gives you a screen before the lock screen where you can add any widgets you want. Have music, audio books and camera on it. Works perfectly.

    Note is a paid app but only a couple of pounds.

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    Default Re: Hello Android!

    Welcome to Android Central! What phone do you have?
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    Default Re: Hello Android!

    This thing we call Android is awesome! Welcome to the forums!

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