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    Default New App One To Do

    not sure if this is the right place for introducing new apps (or if there even is any such place in this forum). If not please feel free to move (or even remove) this thread.

    We just released One To Do, a simplistic, to the core, to-do app, which is all about focusing on ONE thing that needs to be done and nothing more. Unlike other to-do apps, this one only ever shows one item, so that the user can focus on crossing that item off the list and then move on to the next item. Do one thing and do it well. Stop multitasking and start singletasking.
    Check it out in the google play store:

    New App One To Do-screenshot_phone_main.png
    New App One To Do-screenshot_phone_done.png
    New App One To Do-screenshot_phone_add.png
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    Default Re: New App One To Do

    Welcome to the forums.
    Android Applications - Android Forums at would have been a better place to put your app, for future reference.

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    Default Re: New App One To Do

    Welcome to be Forums! Much luck with your App!

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    Default Re: New App One To Do

    Welcome to Android Central! That's a pretty good idea for an app!
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    Default Re: New App One To Do

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    Default Re: New App One To Do

    Welcome to AC! Best of luck with your app.

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