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Having a note 3 really gets attention. Everybody wants to come and play with it, and see it. They have lots of questions about it, usually about the size of it.

When I was at work today, I probably had at least 10 different people come over and see it. Every person that held it asked if it was real leather on the back. They all commented on how big it was. I had a guy I've never met before ask if he could see it because he was deciding if he wanted to get it. He was afraid of how big it was and if it would still fit in his pocket. Every one has ever something to say about it.

I didn't think it would get that kind of attention.

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Note series is pretty popular at mt work. I was the first in my group to get a note 2 (would have gotten the first gen as well but Verizon didn't offer it), and shortly thereafter, a number of people followed in my steps. Now over half my group has note series (2,3). I have seen a number of other people at my work with notes as well

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