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    Question HTC M8 or Sony Z2?

    Since I can only post here.. I am thinking of jumping back to Android maybe. My two decisions is between the HTC M8 and Sony Z2. I do intend to put a launcher on any phone regardless. No samsung for me or LG! Now the top two important features in a phone for me is the battery life and camera. I choose battery life first before camera. But camera is still pretty important. Now which one should I pick and why? Thanks.
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    Default Re: HTC M8 or Sony Z2?

    The M8. I can last easily on 15 hours with moderate use.

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    Default Re: HTC M8 or Sony Z2?

    Any more opinions and why?
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    Default Re: HTC M8 or Sony Z2?

    The Z3 will probably be out in 2 months
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    Default Re: HTC M8 or Sony Z2?

    Because of the camera I would say the GS5, battery is pretty darn good too.

    But you don't want Samsung or LG phones so, I'm not sure which one is better out of those 2 you mentioned.

    My guess would be the Z2 but I don't have enough experience with it.

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    Default Re: HTC M8 or Sony Z2?

    Definitely the M8, battery life last almost all day for me. Some don't like the camera BC its not up to par w ppls expectations of a flagship, the camera is actually really good. There's absolutely no lag on this device & its blazing fast.

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    Default Re: HTC M8 or Sony Z2?

    I haven't owed either phone.
    But the M8 looks sexy and the Z2 has some good specs.

    Sooooo... Good luck lol

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