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    Default Why I hate iphone users

    I'm usually a calm person but when speaking with other iphone owners they are too arrogant and dumb. I'm always up for a healthy debate but some people just blindly follow their faith and are oblivious to market data.

    In the comments section of an article that state4d iphone4's reception issue, one commenter left this remark

    "Most of the people that are putting the iphone down, are the ones that can't afford an iphone,so stop your crying,and act like an adult, and maybe mommy and daddy will buy you one."

    These idiots are so petty. Do they really think that the only one's who dislike Apple are poor people? Even if it were the case, why is that porsche or mercedes benz are still revered within the lower income communities? i realize this commenter thgat made the comment is proably <16 years old but still this is the general opinion of most iphone fans.
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    here's another genius comment

    "Apple was the first to develop a phone that could do just about everything and more than what droid and other phones can do! It started it ALL. So what if it doesn't have swype??!! I wouldn't want it anyway. what happens when a word is not recognized or when texting with improper english such as txt, ur, lol, etc? FRUSTRATION. Oh well if it only had a 5 megapixel camera that's why there are actual cameras!! As far as face time... it's amazing. We have all dreamt what this would be like and now it's here! Apple was one again the 1st to create this. What other phone has this? People need to stop hating on this phone and realize that it is truly a great phone. I used to not like Apple until my old pc got a virus and purchased an mac and i will never go back!!!"

    I think all of us can attest to the fact that swype isn't that hard to learn, nor is it frustrating. I think losing signal is a frustarting issue this commenter should be focused on.

    Then commenter makes the biggest blunder ever

    "As far as face time... it's amazing. We have all dreamt what this would be like and now it's here! Apple was one again the 1st to create this. "

    Where the hell do these sheep get their info?
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    I agree that a lot of these types of posts are ignorant and not always necessarily true. However, there are plenty of Android fanboys that make the same types of comments. We are not all angels

    Anyway, I don't think these types of threads bring out the best in people, so while I respect your opinion I am going to close it.

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